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Share you deep FIFA 15 IOS Trading tips

We’d like to share you a couple good trading tips we’ve got. They work best on the iOS version, as in they are like OPTIMIZED for the iOS, as in the mobile version of the game, not the transfer market app, however, they will probably work almost as well on the PS3/xbox/PC.
buy fifa 15 coinsThe first one is the bronze pack method, which I’m sure a lot of you have heard of. I use it and amazingly, it works really well! You just need patience! I started off with 10K FIFA 15 coins and after a week of use, I was all the way up to 160K! And all I had to do was check back once an hour, relist expired cards and open a bronze pack or two! Make sure to buy FIFA 15 coins packs for maximum profit. Anyway, here’s the best way to do it:

Buy a bronze pack and auction the following items for the following prices:
Contracts: Min Bid – 200 ~ Buy Now – 250
Rare Contracts: Min Bid – 300 ~ Buy Now – 400
Non-rare Players: Min Bid – 150 ~ Buy Now – 200
(If they play for a popular team [e.g. Arsenal, Barcelona, Real Madrid], check their market price as they may be worth more! I usually do players rated 56 and above.)

Rare Players: Min Bid – 200 ~ Buy Now – 250(Look at their stats, if they have high pace OR 80+ in anything, they may be worth more! Also LB/RB’s with 80+ pace will almost surely go for more, especially if they are in the MLS)

Balls: Min Bid – 150 ~ Buy Now – 200(Balls may or may not sell, this is optional. I sell really nice looking balls that I get)

Managers: Min Bid – 200 ~ Buy Now 250 (If they are rare managers, make the Buy Now 400/450)
Fitness Coaches, Trainers, and Medical Staff: Min Bid – 150 ~ Buy Now – 200(If they are rare, make the Min Bid 200 and Buy Now 250)

If you are lucky, you may get a silver player or silver contract! Check the market price of the silver player and auction the contract with the Min Bid 400 and the Buy Now 600. Continue this process until your transfer list is full or almost full

QUICK SELL KITS, BADGES AND STADIUMS, THEY WILL NOT GET YOU MUCH. (If you you get a popular kit or badge, such as the Latina badge or the Millonarios kit, you can try auction them, but chances are they will not sell)

buy fifa 15 coins

This method is very effective, it doesn’t get you a ton of coins at once, but over time the coins will add up and you are doing very little work.

The second method is the manager method. This method even more patience than the bronze pack method. Here’s how it’s done:
OK, so go the transfer market and search gold managers. In the pricing filter, set the max bid to 500. Then bid on all the managers, ALL OF THEM. Just keep bidding, this is a form of mass bidding, but more effective. You’ll get out bid on at least 90% of the bids, however on the 10% that you do win, auction them yourself. Set the Min Bid at 750 and the Buy Now at 1000/1100 (depends on the time of day and the league of the manager). Again this won’t get you rich right away, but with patience and time, you’ll be making a lot of coins.

If there is a really cheap manager, you may want to get into a bidding war with someone, this is totally OK, just make sure you don’t bid more than 500 coins. *NOTE* Do not use the Buy Now unless the card is 650> [Less than 650 coins, for those of you who don't know what I just said]

The third and final method is called the relist method. This method requires about the same amount of patience as the bronze method, and if done well can get you even more profit than the bronze method. You will need to have a fair amount of coins for this method (anything upwards of 1-2K should be fine). Here’s how it’s done:

Pick a popular player (e.g. Benteke, Dempsey, Vidal) and find his lowest Buy Now price. Buy all the cards that are being sold for that price (if there is more than one) [This is where having more coins is helpful, because there may be quite a few cards going at the lowest rate]. Then relist them for a higher price. Make the Min Bid higher than what you paid for the card + the EA Sales Tax (For example, I buy a card for 2000 coins, I’ll want to have the Min Bid at 2200 because if I do it at 2100, I’ll be charged a 105 coin tax, which will leave me with a 5 coin profit loss). Make the Buy Now price 100-300 coins higher than the Min Bid to help ensure the card will be sold.


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